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You probably have some idea what a VPN is and how it is used. Maybe. I say maybe because when  PC Magazine conducted a survey of 1,000 people, a surprising 71 percent of respondents said they had NEVER used a VPN. Why?
Generally speaking, my experience tells me loud and clear that people are totally overwhelmed with competing elements of safe computing because of the likes of: antivirus, password management (or not) operating system updates, software updates and the ever-present need to perform and check regularly scheduled backups!
So it comes as no surprise to me that VPN services are just another tedious and inconvenient THING you have to learn if you want to be safe using the Internet. So, VPN is relatively ignored.  
How can an ordinary, intelligent person (gentle computer user) get a grip on all the mishmash, the noise, the threats, the skills needed to survive simple computing?
LEARN. Learn it. Learn with friendly, patient, competent and trustworthy instructors who understand and do not judge you in any way for your inexperience.  
That’s where Partner Computing comes in. We know. We understand exactly what you need and why you need it. We LISTEN. We teach you in a way that changes forever how you compute. I’ve witnessed so many times the pure joy (relief, really) while in the presence of older adults who express gratitude and say how much they “really get it now” and thankfully depart, never to use a computer the same way again.  
So while I agree that the world of computing is a frustrating tangled web of confusion, it is also wonderful, necessary and downright cool. And if you need a guiding hand – who doesn’t – we have the people and the process to make it sublime.
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VPN article from PC Magazine is here. 

Read it and weep:

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